Repair Solutions – CARS, 4×4 & Bakkie Rims


Our Repair Solutions – rim repairs / bent / buckled rims and full refurbishment

Bent and Buckled Rims:

Straightening is recommended if the rim is buckled only on the inside wheel well as the work carried out does not compromise the aesthetics of the rim. Straightening requires no stripping of old paint, or re-spraying. This is the most economical way of repairing pothole damage on the inside of the rim.

Refurbishment of the rim is done if the damage is on the face/front of the rim. Work carried out will compromise the finish, thus a full refurbishment is required.

A full refurbishment includes:

Stripping off all existing paint
• Straightening
• Welding if required
• Leak testing
• Surface preparation
• Painting the rim to match the original color and finish
• Diamond facing and/or chrome painting if the original finish requires it

Other services include:

  • PCD changing – this is occasionally required when changing a set of rims that are non-standard to the original set.
  • making up of aluminium spacers to change the off set on the rims
  • stud hole repairs – steel inserts are used which return the damaged stud holes to their original size and improve strength
  • rim widening – this service can be done on car and motorcycle rims in both steel and aluminium
  • specilised paint and colour techniques

Turnaround time is anything from 24 hours as an Express Service – for Specialized Services additional time is required.

Fitment and Balancing of the tyres is a supplementary service done by TWR to get you back on the road in no time.

Non destructive testing on the material can be carried out on work done to make sure that the full level of technical integrity has not been covered by a layer of paint – TWR offer a full spectrum of non destructive test such as radial fatigue testing, leak testing, angle impact testing and full X-ray analysis if required. A certified report, identifying your specific rim, will be provided on all of the above services.